Deniz Çağlarcan is a composer, conductor, violist and producer who investigates the sonic quality of the electroacoustic music and takes that idealized environment as a model to his musical language. The objective of his music is to create sonic illusions which distort the acoustic sound image and significantly blur the perception. He is intrigued to create works by utilizing various immersive audio techniques and excited by sound spatialization.

Deniz Çağlarcan, born in 1992 in Istanbul. In 2001, he started to study viola at Istanbul University State Conservatory. After he graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory in 2010, he continued his viola studies at Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts. During his education, he started to take composition classes from Dr. Tolga Yayalar. In 2016, he enrolled in M.A. program in composition at Bilkent University of Performing Arts Faculty. During his composition studies, he studied conducting with Işın Metin and continued to play viola by performing new music. Deniz has participated in numerous masterclasses, workshops, and festivals during his artistic career.  After his graduation from composition master, he got accepted at Central Michigan University in viola performance as a GA. He is currently studying with Dr. Alicia Valoti and he continues his conducting studies with Dr. José-Luis Maúrtua.

He studied with notable composers and performers such as; Mark Andre, Tolga Yayalar, Ulrich Kreppein, Michael Ellison, Mahir Cetiz, Hideki Kozakura, Bruno Mantovani, Ken Ueno, Laurie San Martin, Shih-Hui Chen, Eun-Hwa Cho, Pierluigi Billone, Beat Furrer, Clara Iannotta, Bernhard Gander, Alberto Posadas, Dmitri Kourliandski, Simon Løffler, Michael Maierhof, Isabel Mundry, Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Agata Zubel, Robin Minard, Işın Metin, Rengim Gökmen, Cem Mansur, Gürer Aykal, Ani İnci, Dilek Engin, Öykü Koçoğlu, Mert Bilginer, Ece Akyol, Neşe Grançer, Atilla Aldemir, Sema Hakioğlu, Ian Jessee, Cavit Cafer, Sheila Browne, Scott Woolweaver, Yuri Gandelsman, Tatjana Masurenko, Matthias Maurer, Walter Küssner, Hartmut Rohde, George Hamann, Wolfgang Klos, Herbert Müller, Alexander Zemtsov, Ashan Pillai, Paul Cortese, Gertrude Weinmeister, Ulrich Mertin, Christine Ruthledge.

Personal E-mail: denizcaglarcan@gmail.com