Program note:

Shadows is an audiovisual multi-disciplinary artwork composed by Deniz Çağlarcan using the paintings of Güneş Çağlarcan as compositional material. “Shadows” reflects the fascination with the idea of how humans are socially connected. Although each person has a wide pallet of unique characteristics, people seek any degree of relationship with each other. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains the relationship between social status and the mental state, where the level of social connection is explained in each degree. This concept has become the overall form of the painting where each individual and different human gesture constructed the texture. The human brain decodes the ball of acrylic into human body parts, direction, clothes, and shadows.

The work is a result of different filters that affect human perception. A fracture of paint transforms into a person; shadows turn into directions, light manipulates the structure, and projectors articulate the very fabric of the paintings. All these implementations are the filters that are applied to the fundamental textures, which are transformed into one unified artwork by our perception. The elements in the paintings are used as visually augmented themes that are embodied with music, becoming one inseparable piece of composition.

Technical Setup and Interaction of the Installation

Eight monitor speakers are located in a circular shape. Three high lumen, long shot projectors project to three adjunct walls, that each the wall has one acrylic painting. Audio and visuals interact and complement each other. The music is composed with ambisonics, and the visuals have 2D and 3D, both generated and captured images, as well as machine learning is used. Projectors and paintings are also correlated and change the perspective of the audience.

Shadows Short Sketch

Some of the Paintings that I worked with