bLOw uP!

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bLOw uP! is a trio for bass clarinet, percussion and viola. I consider this piece as an electro-acoustic music. To achieve this, I tried to find out the connections between acoustic and electronic music. This lead me to use the elements of electronic music, such as electronic music composition techniques like very big glissandos, cutting and editing a sound file, creating a sound sculpture, unnatural envelopes and the color of sound which resembles sine waves, sawtooth waves,  square waves. The piece name is the biggest clue for what is going on in the music. The common theme is a fragmentation of an explosion, which can be traced reversed, very slow, very fast or fragmented. I believe, listening eyes closed to this music will enchance your experience with it. Therefore, you will not have any connotations with the instruments, which helps you to listen absolute electronic music.

Percussion Setup




Performed by Hezarfen Ensemble at June, 2017

Bilkent Concert Hall, Ankara

more info:

Conductor – Orhun Orhon

Bass clarinet – Elif Aksoy
Percussion – Amy Salsgiver
Viola – Ulrich Mertin

Hezarfen Ensemble Website: