Void for Viola and Electronics


When a form of energy explodes, it scatters its particles around. The magnetic gravity of the particles pulls them together to form a large amount of energy that will repeat the same procedure. In this endless loop, there is an anomalous stage that does not fit into but annihilates the flux, Void. The void is the stage between these loops.


The sonic boundaries of the viola are pushed through the piece Void. Electronics and the viola are used as a meta instrument that builds an artificially extended viola. The endless search for the creation of new sounds with the essence of viola created an alienated sonic world with a familiar scent. The unique elixir of the viola tone is magnified and spread over the music with an acoustically anomalous form.


The score is not finalized yet. There will be some minor visual updates in the score. Please contact me for any information needed.

Download link for score: Void for viola and fixed electronics